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The weather conditions of the Rhodes island throughout a year (25 years average)Overview: The geographical terrain of the island is very rich and diverse. The rugged, barren and rocky nature of the coastline carved by the sea and air, forms high natural aesthetic shapes.

As one proceeds inland, the island is transformed into a green heaven, full of lush running water sources and particularly important biotopes with rich flora and fauna. This diversity is owing to the fact that the island benefits from the desirable mild Mediterranean climate, with sunny and dry summers and mild but tolerable winters with days of rainfall. It never snows.

Rhodes weather is hot and sunny during the summer and rainfall is very unlikely. Months between June and September are considered as the summer months and the maximum temperature is 31°C in July and August. The autumn is very pleasant season in Rhodes and the temperature remains around 20°C until November. The winter season is mild but wet and January and February are the coolest months. The winter in Rhodes is more like the Northern European spring. The spring months are also very comfortable with decent amount of rainfall.

The climate in numbers: Actually there are just two seasons: spring and summer. After November, when the first rains fall, the ground is carpeted with green and by February Rhodes has become one vast flower garden. April  sees the beginning of summer, when the earth gradually takes on a golden color, until November, when the cyrcle starts again.

  • The greatest asset of the “island of sun”. Sunny days in Rhodes, are more than everywhere throughout GreeceIn Rhodes, summer, from June till September, remains pleasantly hot with the average high 28°C at the beginning of the period. However, during the month June and August, the temperature climbs and stays at 31°C. Daytime temperature stays at 30s while the nighttime temperature falls below 25°C. Rain is almost rare during first few summer months although September may sees some rainy days. Throughout the season Rhodes receives plenty of sunshine. The sea temperature stays above 22°C from June until October;
  • During autumn people receive very comfortable temperature in Rhodes. It begins in October and lasts till November. The sea temperature remains pleasant, between 20 and 23°C, for swimming. Throughout the season, the average temperature stands at mid 20s while in November it falls just below 20s. The season sees some rainy days, especially in November;
  • Winter, from December to February, is mild, yet wet in Rhodes. More than 60% of the island’s annual rainfall occurs during this season. Among all the winter months, December is the wettest one that receives almost 168mm of rain. However, there are still many days when the weather appears favorable for the tourists. A sunny day in December can see temperatures reaching up to 20°C. The ending months of winter, January and February, remain little cooler although the temperature hardly drops below 10°C;
  • Spring is the best time to visit Rhodes. The season is much more quitter than the busy summer. It begins in March and lasts till May. During May the daytime temperatures stand at around 24°C, while the nighttime temperatures stand at around 15oC. The levels of sunshine increases gradually and during May it receives more than ten hours of sunshine per day.

The sea temperature of in Rhodes, throughout a year. Comparison with Greece for the FebruarySunshine: It is true that Rhodes is also known as the “island of sun”. On average, the island of Rhodes has 270 days of sunshine per year, while between April and October, the chances of uninterrupted sunshine are nearly one hundred per cent with a UV index of numbers between 7 – 10.

The maximum UV index values of ten occur on June and July. During that period the temperature is in excess of 25oC. The summer heat is offset by a cooling, and sometimes strong, sea breeze.

Sea temperature: Sea is really warm throughout the year, even in February is higher than 15°C. Rhodes is blessed to combine exceptional beaches, freshening during the summer and permissible also for water sports during the winter.   

The island is not uniformly developed in tourism infrastructure, since between the months of April and November, its western side of it is receiving with (northwest, southwest and west) winds of speeds between 16 to 22 Km per hour. Although, this is not the ideal condition for season tourism, the conditions there, are model for visitors that are into sea sports, like wind and kite surfing.