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Heliades Collection SAHeliades Collection SA is a special purpose company (Special Purpose Vehicle, SPV), founded in 2014 by well established entrepreneurs from the Rhodes island. The founders of the SPV are included to the largest private owners in Rhodes, the SPV’s legal status has been selected to be Societe Anonyme and the company’s seat is in the city of Rhodes. In 2005, its founders, besides their core business activities, took the initiative to acquire gradually an exquisite ensemble of properties with priority to ones that held visible potential for luxury tourism exploitation.

The vision of the founders was and still is to develop and operate hotel and residential projects of great significance that shall be the tourism crest of the whole island. Five among many of these properties and one supportive unit, were selected to create a exclusive collection, the so called the Heliades Collection, the children of nymph Rhodes, according to the ancient Greek legend.

The incorporation and strategic planning of the company were based on:

  • appointing the entire handling of this development to a leading team of developers, architects, engineers and consultants, holding together a wealth of inspiration, project handling skills and expertise;
  • establishing a flexible and tax effective legal person, capable to exploit national and European financial incentives while taking into advantage the vast experience of its ownership in doing business in Greece;
  • composing its executive documents (memorandum of incorporation, shareholders’ agreement, etc) through versed lawyers and economists in a way to facilitate entries and exits of investors or sundry creditors;
  • carrying out a reliable and prosperous development schedule, based on a wide and deep research and analysis of the market, without licensing risks, extendable and thus fully bankable;
  • Heliades Collection SAcompiling  a rigid, value creative and doable financial structure, yielding yet excellent indexes and enhanced fore weighted returns and surpluses;
  • organizing the licensing, construction, marketing, operation of the infrastructures and facilities and their state services, in a pattern that renders best practices globally.

This site, integral part of the company’s extraversion policy, aims to depict the exceptional features of the Heliades Collection, i.e. the unique Rhodes, as an acclaimed tourism institution worldwide and an excellent development. Investors or financiers are complimentary to subscribe in the executives' area or  to contact the developer, in order to obtain access to more sensitive and confidential information, under non disclosure terms.