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The Guns of NavaroneAn Oscar awarded prominent film (The Guns of Navarone: 1961 by J. Lee Thompson): In 1943, an Allied force becomes trapped on the island of Kheros (Rhodes)  in the Aegean Sea. The only possible way to evacuate the men is through a small channel dominated by two huge German guns buried deep in the solid rocks of Navarone. Because the guns are impregnable against air or sea attack, a sabotage team of six is sent to Navarone in a desperate attempt to destroy the massive weapons. Security officer Major Franklin leads the commandos, who include: Captain Mallory, a world-famous mountaineer; Corporal Miller, an explosives expert; Col. Andrea Stavros, a Greek resistance fighter; Pvt. Spyros Pappadimos, a New York--educated delinquent who was born on Navarone; and C. P. O. Brown, a veteran knife fighter. After sinking a German patrol boat, the little group loses its own vessel in a violent storm.

The men reach shore with their gear, however, and succeed in scaling a sheer cliff face, the only unguarded approach to Navarone. In the ascent Franklin breaks his leg, and Mallory assumes command. The saboteurs then makes contact with two resistance fighters (Spyros' sister, Maria, and a former schoolteacher, Anna, who has been shocked into dumbness by Nazi torture). Despite the aid of the two women, the commandos are captured by the Germans. Andrea tricks the Nazi guards, and the saboteurs escape in their captors' uniforms.

As they approach the guns, they learn that Anna is a traitor, feigning muteness while supplying the Germans with the group's positions. Realizing she must be killed, Mallory draws his pistol, but it is Maria who fires the fatal bullet. Mallory and Miller then sneak into the fortress and set their explosives, while the others divert the attention of the Germans. Brown and Spyros are killed in the fighting, but the remainder of the group escape to the sea. At midnight British destroyers move into the channel and head for Kheros (Rhodes). As the giant weapons swing into action, a tremendous explosion shatters the entire cliff and the guns of Navarone crash into the sea.

Starring: Gregory Peck, Irene Pappas, David Niven, Anthony Quinn, Stanley Baker, Anthony Quayle, Gia Scala, James Daren. Music: by Dimitri Tiomkin. Venue: Rhodes. Based: The Guns of Navarone Novel by Alistair MacLean, 1957.

Navarone 2A famous place where the film above was taken. A scenery that was not selected shallowly. The hill of Navarone is a masterpiece, a stunning place that represents every single charisma of the Aegean archipelagos. Infinite sea view, bright sun, all this unique blue.   

On this advantageous beachfront property located in the center of the eastern part of Rhodes island, next to the of city of Lindos, a luxury residential deployment is planned. The complete land area of 83.000 sqm is already been divided into twenty (20) buildable properties of about four 4.000 sm each. The overall buildable area of the villas sums up to 9.500 sqm, which will be housed into newly constructed residents for selected owners.

Each villa will consists of a first and a second floor of 50 sqm each, attic of 20 sqm, 15 sqm of loft, staircase of 12 sqm and ground floor of 82 sqm. The complete layout of every single house will sum up to more than 240 sqm plus Triopas30 sqm of semi-open spaces and 30 sqm featured balconies. Forty (40) of such baronial and classy villas in total, two (2) separate ones per plot are to be developed. Each residence is to be raised with deluxe, five stars, standards, constructed with finest material, besides their full connection to public networks, are planned to be fully prepared with lifestype furniture and fittings, reference equipment, facilities and gadgets, before delivering them to their lucky owners.

Each of them, owns more than 2.000 sqm private and fenced space of garden and outdoor facilities. A private fully equipped jacuzzi pool, a barbeque stand, a relaxing kiosk and a playground are just few of them, which ensure a full exploitation of the 300 sunny days of Rhodes.

Besides an all time classic residence and a stylish property in a gifted and glamorous place, the acquisition of such a property is a premium and risk free investment, with expected annual surplus and optional prosperous exploitation and yearly maintenance of them by the adjacent Heliadae Candalus Hotel, when they are not used by their owners.

As privileged members of the Heliades collection, these properties will enjoy the state of the art organization and service facilities of the entire development.
As said, the entire property is located on the top of a plateau situated upon a hill which creates a peninsula with the sea, and offers sea view from the north, south and east towards the sea. The development objective of the particular property is to exploit the created “brand” of the location, the ever increasing demand in holiday homes in the Greek region, particularly on the island of Rhodes with its exceptional climatic conditions and the landscape of great natural beauty and historical heritage.