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Lachania 1At a place that combines harmonically, both the rural and traditional part of southeastern Rhodes, together with one of the longest virgin beaches of the island, just 2 km from the small, traditional, mountain village of Lachania, less than 80 km from the main International Airport Diagoras and 73 km from the city of Rhodes, a dream luxury hotel complex, including classy suites, as well as a reference spa and health center has been enthused and planned.

The beachfront elegant resort will commence a new era of upgraded hotel accommodation for the ever growing demand in the southern part of Rhodes and also decentralize the already heavy loaded northern part of the island. At the same time it will provide to its visitors the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the traditional Greek and more specifically, Rhodian way of living. Being relatively less exploited, the area offers a great opportunity for the development of a landmark hotel, that will power up the whole surrounding area.

tenagesThe long sandy beach that lies right in front of the property offers all of those conditions for the development of a world class organized shore that will provide everything necessary to complement a memorable holiday. The crystal clear water of the beach is highly protected from most wind directions that affect this part of the island, providing the perfect conditions for both children and grownups.

The local vegetation almost touches the lacy shore providing a picturesque environment. Complementing family holidays, is the fact that the sea depth is very low and smoothly developing, as well as the grownups are provided with a perfect surrounding view of all the beach areas, making it easy for them to relax and have control of their children at the same time. The ideal Mediterranean setting is completed by the daily provision of fresh fish and seafood, from the local fisherman’s morning catch.

The resort’s design was based upon two main principles, respect for the local environment and providing maximum comfort and delight to its guests. The property is planned to be developed into a luxury 5 star resort with a projected capacity of 767 beds available in total.

An expansion plan has been foreseen and budgeted onto neighboring available properties, in order to achieve the combined building terms, targeting a multiplication of the expected investment result. The hotel will provide its full services on a nine month, extended summer season basis. The complete buildable area of the extended planned property is 19.200 sqm, which will be developed onto newly built facilities.

The complex will include a central functions building which will facilitate the two ground floor restaurants of 1.900,00 sqm and 700 sqm, as well as a luxurious health center (SPA) of 1.500 sqm plus three swimming pools, one indoor located in the SPA area, and two outdoor, with the main swimming pool located in the center of the property, providing full sea view and the other one located on top of the central building.

Lachania 2Additionally, all of the suites category rooms will be equipped with their own private pool for full privacy and relaxation.

All of those necessary spaces and facilities will be developed, in order to ensure the proper and correct operation of the hotel complex.  Three sport courts (basketball and tennis) will also be developed on the west side of the property together with a fully equipped gym, offering to its customers, uninterrupted access to health activities. The hotel will offer enough parking spaces in order to facilitate its guests and employees.

The architectural designing and optimization process, concluded into a number of 311 rooms for the full expanded scenario. The room sizes will be varying from 35 – 70 sqm, which will be developed in single floored flats or in two floored maisonettes. The rooms will vary from singles, double, triple and suites, as well as rooms for the disabled.

The exploitation of Rhode's southern part's ever growing tourist demand, plus the development of a “lighthouse of modern", are the main development objectives for this advantageous property. The natural beauty in addition to the relaxed local way of life, add up in order to complete the desired package. The achievement of the expansion scenario does not affect the viability of the investment, but may multiply the hospitality infrastructure and its economic attractiveness.