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The heliadae Cercaphus

Cearcaphus RenaultThe Heliadae Cercaphus: A modern industrial building situated strategically on the northern part of the island, just under 4 Km outside the city of Rhodes, with easy access to a large amount of the island’s hotel complexes and resorts is planned to take a  significant part in the entire Heliades Project.

The concept is to establish an effective supportive unit for the Heliades group specifically, but with a further exploitation capacity to sell services to the Rhodian hotels and resorts market. Within the two floored metallic structure building, it is planned to install a warehouse, cold rooms (fridges and freezers), an industrial scale laundry and a preparation kitchen for catering and confectionery. The building will operate as a logistics epicenter, ensuring the on time delivery service to the hotels.

The benefits generated by such an establishment are several. Initially, by saving spaces required for the supportive infrastructures within the hotel facilities,  valuable area is freed and is to be exploited for core tourism utilization. Moreover, the facility produces scale economies through massive procurement and handling of goods and products.  An horizontally structured supply chain, a single technical division supporting a large number of production lines, one maintenance department outsourced, providing insurance and horizontally higher quality of products and services.

The building will operate on a twelve month base. During the high touristic season, it is planned to operate on a two-shift rotation, for seven days a week, ensuring the non-stop coverage of the necessary services and therefore the satisfaction of its end users. As a supportive facility to the Heliades Collection, its purpose could only set to minimize the operating costs of the group and to enhance its sales. However, with a further exploitation towards serving third parties as well, the facility will generate additional revenues, increasing the feasibility of the entire development.

Cercaphus utilitiesThe structure is a classic metallic one. The building is nowadays used to serve as a car workshop and therefore bears enough on the necessary infrastructures required for the creation of the planed central supporting facility. The establishment will be developed upon a property of 7.080 sqm.

The facilities shall cover about 3.000 sqm layout on an existing two-storey building. Most of the dedicated areas will be developed on the ground floor of the building, leaving the first floor available for support logistical services and administration spaces. The property offers a large number of parking seats for the vehicles, like small and larger trucks, maintenance pickup cars, etc. It also offers an extensive outdoor area that can be used as a designated storage area for products that are suitable for outdoor preservation.