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LindosAbout Lindos: The ancient city-state of Lindos, protected by its emblematic acropolis, was a chief maritime power and experienced an impressive course of history, culture and civilization. This picturesque ancient city and nowadays a quaint breathtaking settlement, captures the heart of all who visit.

A location nestling at the foot of a steep rock and beautifully surrounded by the sea. The landscape of Lindos encapsulates the essence of Rhodes: a surprisingly felicitous blend of ancient and medieval. With 600,000 visitors annually, Lindos competes with Delphi as the second most visited archeological site in Greece.

The view of Lindos village with its cubic houses sprawling down the hillside under the acropolis is one of the most photographed scenes in Greece. The whitewashed labyrinth of little alleyways was deliberately designed to confuse pirates; today this layout makes wandering around the town a real adventure. The winding streets of the traditional well-preserved settlement of Lindos form a great backdrop to a rejuvenating evening stroll. There are picture-perfect medieval captains’ residences built around votsaloto (meaning pebbly) courtyards with emblems on their heavy wooden doorways.

Arched entrances adorn the streets adding a cosmopolitan flair to the settlement. The ancient Byzantine and Knights remains, as well as its astonishing views over the town and sea, make a visit to the acropolis a must. Some of the sights close to Lindos include: Kalathos, with Vlyha's sandy beach and modern hotel complexes; Pylona's famous church of Panagia Kira; Pefkos, an expanding resort with a long shoreline; Lardos, with its beach, quiet Glystra bay, and traditional tavernas. The monastery of the Archangel Michael at Tharri, close to the village of Laerma, is especially interesting. And for sure, an unforgettable place; the gulf of Agios Pavlos, one of the best beaches in Greece and not only.

PsaltosThe Heliadae Candalus: In the brilliant area of the quaint Lindos, the jewel of Rhodes island,  in front  of a crystal and emerald blue shore, less than 50 km from the city of Rhodes and the International Airport Diagoras, a dream hotel, suites and spa have been decided and designed.

This deluxe resort, located directly on a turquoise blue beach with adorable view, is inspired to be a green and turquoise haven at one of the most notorious spots of Rhodes and Greece. The Psaltos shore is the place of the heliadae Candalus.

Less than a mile from the picturesque town of Lindos and the unique Agios Pavlos bay, as well as 25 km from the Afandou golf club, the Heliadae Candalus resort is enthused to make an harmony combination of Aegean Architecture, Rhodian hospitality, green oriented environment, and high quality all inclusive services. At Candalus, the choices for fun, entertainment, sport activities, but also relaxation, recreation, exercising and beauty are to be endless and all inclusive.

CandalusTaking into account the status and profile of the expected visitors, a maximum exploitation of the permitted capacity was rejected as a design principle. Snugness, elegance and opulence of rooms and facilities were though key standards, in order to blueprint a dream resort that fits to the gifted surrounded nature. Abstraction and simplicity, utilization of state top quality matching materials, as well as stylish fittings and furniture  intend to set new standards in hosting serenity and delight.       
The complex will be developed upon a property of 43,000 sqm. The facilities shall cover about 8,600 sqm of which, mostly in newly erected buildings. Located inside the Psaltos plot, there is a dozen of two-storey buildings, which are to be fully utilized as a single neighborhood of the entire village-like hotel. The remaining buildable area of 7,600 sqm will be deployed for the resurgence of the remaining hosting facilities and infrastructures.

The development includes a central contemporary building for the central facilities (lobby, restaurants, lounge bars, health spa etc), whereas the seaside rooms are designed in one or two storey stylish bungalows, the executive ones with private pools.

The hotel’s optimization course proved 145 imposing rooms, allocated properly and flexibly into single, double and triple rooms, while  junior-senior suites and special rooms for the disabled are also included. Room areas range from 35 to 85 sqm setting from the scratch the highest standards for a homelike convenience and comfort.  

Classy restaurants and trendy bars are to provide connoisseur gourmet experiences and relaxing hours respectively. For a rejuvenating experience for the body and the soul an inspired Spa & Health Club is included. Visitors may choose from a refreshing menu of holistic and traditional treatments conducted by highly skilled therapists. Besides the never-ending sea experience, the sea sports and the three available main pools, for those who want to stay fit in holidays, a modern gym is for them. An all inclusive variety of indoor and outdoor activities, happenings and events ensure full days of a memorable stay.