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The Heliadae Actis

Actis1Societa Anonima Molitoria Industriale Commerci Affini, the well known as the flour industry Samica raised in 1938 a towering industrial building with clear volumes and concise lines. The mills property transferred in 1947 to the Soulounia firm, who operated the facility up to late 80’s.

An amazing asset of this property are the almost superficial antiquities found in a small part of its site. Archaeologists believe that the temple of the Egyptian goddess Isis was there thousands of years ago.   

This emblematic and privileged property located adjacent to the Rhode's new marina development area, is planned to be turned into a glamorous 5 star city hotel with a capacity of 430 bed, ravishingly hosting premium visitors for twelve months per year. Actis MyloiPart of the complex will be developed on the old industrial building, whose specific structure terms are to be fully exploited and utilized. The overall layout of the hotel almost reaches 11.000 sqm of combined buildable area, of which 4000 sqm utilize the old mill, while the remaining 7000 sqm will be raised in brand new facilities.

The hotel’s optimization process proved 186 smashing rooms, allocated properly and flexibly into single, double and triple rooms, while a junior-senior suites and special rooms for the disabled are foreseen. Room areas range from 35 to 70 sqm, addressing to the visitors’ elite.

The annual operation of two classy restaurants for lucullan pleasures, one located on the ground floor and one on its privileged roof, the club cafes and bars, a luxury health spa for exclusive reinvigoration, the all seasons swimming pools and an underground parking of 6.500 sqm (approximately 300 parking spaces) ensure premium resort facilities and service by a city hotel.

The upcoming operation of a state of the art marina in front of the property ensures an alluring lifestyle for the visitors. Moreover, top attractions of the city of Rhodes, among others, the medieval town, the Mandraki port, the casino, the aquarium or the city market are in a walking distance from the hotel, guaranteeing infinite content for unforgettable vacations.  

The expansion into adjacent properties is also predicted, in order to multiply the hosting and economic prospects. The development objective of this particular property aims towards the goal of transforming it into a reference point (landmark) for the Rhodian tourism market, time lasting for the upcoming decades.