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The heliades collection at a glance; Landscapes and numbersThe development is a collection of four (4) all-inclusive hotels, each of them with exceptional features and magnetism, inspired to attract distinguished visitors. Executives, who seek for acclaimed memories, exceptional luxury, regal service and classy lifestyle to spend their valuable leisure time.

The Heliades collection is congruously complemented by a unique residential project of forty (40) sumptuous villas, deployed in one of the most famous site in Rhodes, the hill of Navarone. The entire collection is operationally supported by an horizontal facility, that ensures the over the top quality standards set.

The Heliades collection has been visualized and evolved as a contemporary plan, founded on rigid and robust and all time classic keystones, as:

  • To render the glory of the Mediterranean scenery, the emotion of the Greek heritage and the sensuous destination of Rhodes;
  • To select, among many on hand, masterpiece seaside assets at striking spots, with picturesque landscapes and figurative features;    
  • To guarantee a smooth licensing course, by acquiring every necessary positive opinion by the apposite authorities (antiquities ephorates, forest services, city planning bureaus, cadastral offices etc);
  • To elaborate a thorough buildings analysis in order to ensure the hosting capacity of the projects, and their compliance with the firmest national and international standards;  
  • To choose clear, yet alluring design principles that contribute to the emergence of the new era for the Greek and international tourism;  
  • To enjoin high environmental standards that secure sustainable features to the plan and deploy state of the art technology in recourses production, assessment and preserving;
  • To produce project components with a high degree of design flexibility and extendibility, for a second phase of  deployment.  

Enthused by the Heliades myth, the six components of the development, as children of Helios and Rhodes, took their names authentically by them; The Heliades Auges, Actis, Candalus, Tenages, Triopas and Cercaphus. Millenniums then, a starry divine legend substantiates to a state of the art mission, there, at the same place; the beatific island of Rhodes.