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The heliades myth

The-God-Helios-Museum-of-RhodesThis is a myth written by the ancient Greek lyric poet Pindar: When Gods divided the earth between them, Rhodes (Ρόδος in Greek alphabet) was not shown on the sea's surface, it was immersed. The titan Helios was missing on his standard journey and the other gods forgot to include him in the share. When Zeus heard about it, was ready to make a new divide, but Helios (Ήλιος in Greek alphabet, the God Sun) did not let him, cause he saw a new land springing from the sea and asked to give him that one. Zeus then summoned the fate (moerae) Lachesis to take an oath that the new land would be a property of Helios. Then the beautiful island came out of the sea foam and was given to god of sun.

There, Helios with the nymph Rhodes, daughter of God Poseidon (Neptune) and Amphitrite,  gave birth to nine sons; The Heliades: the Trinax, Auges,  Ochimus, Cercaphus, Macareus, Actis,  Tenages,  Triopas,  Candalus and a daughter the Ilektryoni.

The-Nymph-Rhodes-new-heaven-museumCercaphus gave birth to three sons, Kamiros, Ialyssos and Lindos (also ancient towns of the island and popular antiquities), which divided the island into three parts and each had its own city that gave its name. The Heliades, according to this myth, were stepbrothers of Phaethon.

This legend, plucked from the imagination of the people, trying to give interpretation to the various events. The emergence of Rhodes by the sea is related to immersions and subsidence, which geology speaks for shaping the earth's surface. The love of the Sun for Rhodes explained with sunshine almost every day of the year.

That's why they called her the Bride of the Sun and it is believed that she is the daughter of nereid Amphitrite, the female personification of the sea. This is Rhodes, the also called  “the island of the light” and “the island of the knights”, a inimitable place where the myth meets the truth, the ancient meets the modern and the civilization meets the leisure.

Heliades-and-Phaethon-St-petersburg-MuseumThis myth inspired the developer to give the name “Heliades Collection” to this state of the art tourism and residential project, as a devotion to this blessed place and its eternal legends. Ancient myths, unique sites, exclusive infrastructures and plethora of services are meeting together in the “Heliades Collection” aiming to one single intention; to provide divine luxury to its visitors and users. An excellent investment case with regal expectations is just a side-result of this combination.